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    Fit Tips – Fats In Your Diet

    Why we need them Fats are a rich source of energy, they carry flavours and fat-soluble vitamins, they help us to feel full and satisfied after meals, and they provide insulation and protect the delicate organs. In addition to these functions, the essential fats have a vast range of functions and play...

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    Fit Tips – Minerals

    Vitamins & minerals Although an animal-free diet can include all the necessary nutrients for optimal health (with the one exception of B12), the diet does need to be varied and include the foods which will provide these, simply taking out the meat, and in some cases dairy and not ensuing nutrient...

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    Fit Tips – Protein

    Proteins need to be produced in the body everyday to carry out the maintenance and repair which is constantly needed. Proteins are made up of amino acid building blocks. Some of these amino acids are released from the protein that we eat by the process of digestion. Others are made in the body from the...

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    Fit Tips – Carbohydrates

    Vegetarians and vegans often over-rely on white pasta or white rice with tomato based sauces as quick staple meals. Not only are such meals potentially low in protein, but they are also high in refined carbohydrates which are nutrient-depleted and not good for sustained energy levels. It is often forgotten...

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